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Speed Dating Event Matchmaking application to match dates and speed daters Software! Get it now! Only $29.95 U.S. (Regular $49.95 US!) for a limited time!

Speed Dating Event Matchmaking application to match dates and speed daters --

If you run a speed dating service, then this software is for you! With this software, you can easily:

  • Easily match dates between speed daters/use it for match making services!
  • You simply enter all the information about the various daters (such as first name, last name, phone number, e-mail address, other info, etc) at the speed dating events
  • You then 'select' the matches between the male and female daters. I.e., you first click on a 'guy', then select all his female matches/dates for girls that he would like to go out with. You do this for every guy. You then select each girl, and select each corresponding guy that she chose she would like to go on another date with.
  • Once you have completed that, you simply click on 'match speed daters', and if both the guy and the girl agreed that they want to meet each other again, it appears as a match!
  • You can easily create e-mails using the e-mail template manager for various speed daters -- so basically it will create a customized/personalized e-mail for each speed dater with their corresponding matches
  • For each speed dating event that you host, this software can save you hours of time of manually matching dates by hand, and then typing those into a computer!
  • PLUS -- you can save the speed dating information for each speed dater, which you can then use for later events, managing events, keeping track of who goes to your events, plus much more!

Try out this great speed dating software today, and save yourself time and money!

You can order by credit card, Phone/Fax, Mail, PayPal or purchase orders!

Purchase it now! Only $29.95 U.S. for a limited time!

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