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MS Word Mail Merge Split Software to divide Mail Merged Documents Software! Get it now! Only $29.95 U.S. (Regular $49.95 US!) for a limited time!

MS Word Mail Merge Split Software to divide Mail Merged Documents --

If you want to know how to split apart mail merged documents and split them into separate ms word documents, then this software is for you! (i.e., MS WORD 2000, 2007, etc). With this software, you can:

  • Easily select a number of mail merged ms word documents that you want to break apart (plus you can select the microsoft word documents from multiple directories if you wish)
  • Specify how many pages the target files (from the mail merged document) should be split into (i.e., each document might be 3 pages long, so you could specify that want the mail merged document to be split every 3 pages)
  • Specify the output file format (i.e., using an existing filename structure or your own for the msword documents)

Plus much more! Try out this software today!

You can order by credit card, Phone/Fax, Mail, PayPal or purchase orders!

Purchase it now! Only $29.95 U.S. for a limited time!

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