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ISBN Lookup and ISBN Search for multiple books with ISBN Software! Get it now! Only $29.95 U.S. (Regular $49.95 US!) for a limited time!

ISBN Lookup and ISBN Search for multiple books with ISBN --

Do you have a number of books that you need to look up the ISBN numbers in batch? Perhaps you have a book store, are a librarian, or just have your own collection of books that you want to look up this information for, but don't feel like doing it manually? If so, then this software is definitely for you! With this software, you can easily:

  • Lookup any number of ISBN numbers in batch off the internet! The software accesses free ISBN lookup databases on the internet (so an internet connection is required), but you can easily do searches in batch, and then save your results for convenience (without getting a lot of the other garbage on the internet!
  • Makes research easier, your business activities easier, and you can easily import ISBN results into an Excel Spreadsheet! Perhaps you have book pricing, or just need a bunch of different titles for easy reference! Or, perhaps you are doing research for a paper, and you need all that information at your fingertips!All this can be done easily by clicking a couple buttons!
  • Increase your business productivity immediately! Get all sorts of information in one handy location with this tool!
  • Plus much more!

This software is ideal for importing any number of ISBN numbers into your own personal database! Try out the software today and see for yourself!

You can order by credit card, Phone/Fax, Mail, PayPal or purchase orders!

Purchase it now! Only $29.95 U.S. for a limited time!

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