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I lost my license key, how do I get a new one?

If you lost your license key, please send an e-mail to "shoppersupport <at>" with your order ID. If you lost the original e-mail that was sent to you, and don't know what your order ID is, tell them what your e-mail address that you ordered with was, and ask it to be resent. If you can't remember what e-mail address, nor the name it was ordered under, nor an order ID, and it can't be found in the system, you will need to purchase a new license.

My license key doesn't work! What do I do?

First, please make sure that you entered it correctly. It would have been sent in the e-mail containing the download link to the software. The "username" consists of your name, phone number and e-mail address all on one line, not just your 'name'. (I.e., 'john smith, 123-456-7890,' would be your actual license key, without the quotes, not just 'john smith'). And of course the license key is the series of numbers and letters. The easiest way to insert your license key is simply to cut and paste it into the software.

Please Note: This license is *not* the same as the 'evaluation' license key. The 'full version' license key is what was sent to you in your order e-mail that would have had a subject header something like "Order ID: ...". You want to use the license in this e-mail

I want to transfer my license to someone else/another company, is it possible?

The software is singly licensed per individual/company, (and especially because the software is so reasonably priced), you would need to purchase a new license for any new individuals/companies/etc (so no, it is not transferable). If more than one person per computer wishes to use the software, or a different company wishes to use it, you would need to purchase a new license.

The software still seems to be the evaluation version? Why?

Please make sure you have downloaded the "newest" version that is present in the e-mail you received, otherwise it will not work. You need to download the software link sent to you in the registration e-mail you received.

The software doesn't load up, what is happening?

If this happens, please send us an e-mail with the software application you are trying to run, and your system configuration. (I.e., Windows XP2 2GHz 2GB RAM, etc). Although this is rare, on some older system configurations, this may happen. If it happens to you, let us know, and we will take a look at the application and create a new custom version for you that should work fine.

The software doesn't seem to create "xyz" file! How do I fix this?

If you are running "Windows Vista", you may need to run some software items in what is called the 'Administrator Mode'. Windows Vista changed the way they do file operations, such that sometimes if you wish to create a "new" file, you now need to give the software "permission" to do so. If you are trying to create a new file, but that doesn't seem to work, first, exit the application. Then, find the icon that you would normally click on to start the program. However, instead of clicking the 'first' mouse button to click on it when trying to start it, click the 'second' mouse button. A menu should pop up, and the third item down should say something like "Run as administrator". Click on this, and you are now giving the software "permission" to create new files on your computer, and the software should now work fine.

When do I need to purchase multiple licenses?

Each software application is singly licensed per individual, which means that a single individual may run a copy on his/her home computer, and if necessary, one additional computer that he/she owns (such as a laptop for work) -- and only one copy of the software is ever running.

However, if you will be running more than one copy of the software concurrently, or you will be giving access to other individuals (for example co-workers, friends or family members), then you need to purchase additional licenses for each additional individual/computer that will be using the software.

Refund Policy

Since free trials of the software are available before purchase, and you may try those out as long as you like, our policy is that there are no refunds once purchased. In very rare cases, at our own discretion, we may issue a refund, but that is on a case by case basis. Obiously we don't publish those reasons here (because otherwise it would be open to abuse and probably everyone would use those reasons). However, bottom line -- please try the evaluation version first. If you like it, and make a purchase, then there will be no refunds.

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